1. Mileage limit 200km per day, every +50km 20€
  2. Speed ​​limit, you need to follow the rules
  3. You can’t leave Latvia without warning
  4. Delivery of the car within the borders of Riga costs 20€, delivery is also 20€
  5. If a person rents a car later than 2 hours after the agreed time, you need to pay for the whole rental day
  6. All responsibility for the car (except for the technical part on which the client could not influence) is borne by the client while the car is with him
  7. Transferring the car to 3. persons is prohibited
  8. You can’t smoke in the car (for this, a fine of 200 €)
  9. We return the deposit within three weeks, as there may be fines
  10. The car must be returned clean and with a full tank
  11. We accept a valid driver’s license of the appropriate category in all countries.